Just Hired A House Sitter.. What’s Next?

Congratulations! After going through house sitter profiles and interviewing candidates, you found the perfect sitter to care for your pets and keep your home safe. So what’s next? Well we’ve listed a few tips that will help you prepare for your house sitter’s arrival. Remember, it can be a bit daunting to mind a home for someone else. So taking some effort into making your house sitter feel welcome goes a long way.


Make it easy for your house sitter to find your house. – At least a week before the house sitter arrives, send him/her with detailed instructions, driving directions or a map to your house. Also, be very clear as to what time you expect the sitter to arrive, while being considerate of traffic conditions in your area or transportation schedules.


Tidy up before the sitter arrives – Yes, it is your house – but it’s important that the sitter has a good impression of your housekeeping skills. Remember, they can (and will) make testimonials about their house sitting jobs. Make sure the house is clean and you’ve already done your packing and be sure your house sitter is made to feel welcome. Introduce them to neighbors, tell them how they can go to the store, introduce the pets, show them around the house.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Prepare the house sitter checklist in advance   – At least two weeks before the sitter arrives, start working on the checklist you will leave them. Make sure that all the responsibilities you and the sitter agreed upon are written there; feeding and walking time of pets; emergency contact numbers (vet, plumber, electrician, relative, your mobile number); how often you want to get updates about your home and pet, etc.  Also, make sure you let the house sitter know when you are expected to arrive.


Make your house sitter feel comfortable – Remember the sitter will look after your home and pets for days, weeks or even months – depending on how long you’d be gone. So they have to feel comfortable right away and treat your house as if it is their own while you’re away. How? Before the sitter arrives, ask what snacks he/she likes, or what he/she eats for breakfast and have those in your fridge or pantry. Not only is this a very kind gesture, it gives your house sitter enough time to settle in and feel comfortable in your house. They can shop for whatever they need later on.  Your house sitter will feel cared for.

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Thank the house sitter – Yes, they may be staying in your house for free but saying thank you (amd meaning it) is essential in the success of every house sit. Hey, it is not easy to look after someone else’s pet and home. It is a big responsibility and it helps that you make the sitters know you appreciate them. Of course, do not forget to write a recommendation for the sitter in the house sitting website you found them. It goes a long way to building trust and you have met and made a great friend in the process.