House Sitters – FAQ

Who can be a pet and house sitter?
There isn’t a stereotypical pet and house sitter. Practically anyone can be a pet and house sitter: retirees, work from home professionals, couples, singles, and even young families. Anyone that enjoy travelling and love to meet new people.
What is expected of a pet and home minder?
As a pet and home minder, you will be responsible for the safety of the home owners house AND making sure that their pets are comfortable and happy.

A pet and home minder will stay in the house while home owners are on holiday and feed pets, tend the garden, take care of the house, play with pets/take them for walks, collect mail, and any other tasks that minder and the home owner mutually agree on.

Can I easily get a pet and home minding appointment?
There are plenty of things considered when home owners choose a minder, that we can’t 100% guarantee anyone will be contacted right away for a pet and home minding appointment using our website. If registered and verified pet and home minders show in their profile that they are responsible, caring and trustworthy, there is a great possibility that home owners will contact them for appointments.
The pet and home minders that gets contacted right away are those who do not just have great profiles, but are also quite active in searching for pet and home minding opportunities. Regularly going through list of homeowner ads on our website and contracting those that appeal to them gives them a great chance of securing an appointment.
How can I find pet and home minding ads near me?
Every month, there are thousands of home owner ads listed so you have a great chance of finding pet and home minding opportunities in your area. As a registered and verified members, minders can simply go to the website’s homepage and click on the FIND A HOME TO MIND button located at the top of the page. Minders can then search via region or do an advanced search where they can specify availability dates, property type, pet type, etc. This is a great tool to help them find a pet and home minding appointment that fits their travel schedules and needs.
Can I bring my own pet when I get chosen for an appointment?
Understandably, there are some home owners that do not wish minders bringing other pets into their home. Some homes may either be too small and do not have extra room for more pets, or they have pets that aren’t too happy to have other animals around. With that being said, most home owners are happy enough to let you bring your own fur baby when you mind their home for them. In any case home owners will indicate whether or not bringing other pets is alright with them.
Can I bring my family when I get chosen for an appointment?
Yes, you can. In fact, many families are thrilled by the opportunities and experiences that pet and home minding provides. Not only does pet and home minding with your family bring you closer, it also helps cut down on travel expenses. Again, homeowners will indicate whether or not they allow minders to bring family members during appointments.
Do you have long-term pet and home minding ads available?
Yes. The length of pet and home minding appointments vary from one day to several months. You can do a search for pet and minding appointment durations using our website’s advanced search tool.
I’ve never been a pet and home minder before. Will this be a disadvantage?
If you are a trustworthy, friendly and caring pet minder who loves to travel and is respectful of other people’s homes, there is no reason why you will not be chosen for pet and home minding appointments. If you are a first time pet and home minder, we suggest emphasizing qualities such as growing up with pets, participating in animal welfare causes, etc. You can also indicate instances when relatives or friends asked you to look after their homes.

Pet and home minder profiles are designed to showcase relevant skills and experiences that home owners can review. Besides, every pet and home minder must start somewhere, and you would be surprised at how many home owners are willing to work with first time minders.

Do I get paid as a pet and home minder?
The majority of pet and home minding cases are simple, straightforward swaps. The pet and home minder care for pets and look after the home owners house in exchange for rent-free accommodation. Keep in mind that pet and home minding details can be discussed by both parties prior to confirming the pet and home minding appointment.
How do I make payments to become a registered pet and home minder?
We accept credit card payments via our secure and easy way: —-. Another option is to make online payments via PayPal.
I have registered and paid the membership fee but have not received login details. What do I do?
You ought to receive your login details within a few minutes after completing your registration. If you have not received any email within an hour, please let us know right away so we can re-send your login details.
How do I get in touch with home owners?
Only registered and verified Silver and Platinum members can send messages to home owners via our website’s secure messaging system. Bronze (Free) subscribers can only reply to home owners that send them messages via the website. To reply to an ad or send the home owner a message, you need to login to your Aussie Pet and Home Minders account, click on an ad and type a message on the message box and click on the Send Message to Home owner button.  Click here for info about our sitter membership packages.
I have a Silver/ Platinum Subscription. How soon can I get in touch with home owners?
Once you have registered as a pet and home minder and have verified your information, you can start creating your profile. This takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and you can start contacting home owners and start to apply to posted ads immediately.
Are testimonials and references really important?
Absolutely, and we do encourage both home owners and minders to share testimonials about their pet and home minding experiences.

Testimonials from a previous pet and home minding appointment helps build the minders’ credibility and boost their membership profiles. This is also a great way to show appreciation for the positive experiences the minders provided, and vice versa.

Additionally, we encourage pet sitters to upload photos of written references they may have from previous house sitting jobs, so home owners can easily browse through them when reviewing profiles. Also, if sitters have requested police checks done on them to prove their reliability, we also encourage adding those certifications to the profile. The more assured the home owners feel about the sitters’ identity, experiences and reliability, the easier it is to get booked for house sitting jobs.