Homeowner FAQs

Who can be pet and home minders?
There isn’t a stereotypical pet and home minder. Practically anyone can be a pet and home minder: retirees, work from home professionals, couples, singles, and even young families. Anyone that enjoy travelling and love to meet new people.
What can I expect from my pet and home minder?
Your pet and home minder will be responsible for the safety of your home AND making sure that your pets are comfortable and happy.
Your home and pet minder will stay in your house while you are on holiday and feed your pet, tend the garden, take care of the house, play with your pet/take them for walks, collect your mail, and any other tasks that you and your chosen pet and home minder mutually agree on.
Why do pet and home minders do this for free?
The answer is simple, really: pet and home minders love looking after pets and enjoy the safety, convenience and one-of-a-kind experiences that being a pet and home minder provides.
By agreeing to mind your pet and home while you’re away, they experience day-to-day life in your community. They learn about local events, meet new people and immerse themselves in the local culture. You can rest assured that your pet and home minder’s utmost priority is the comfort and happiness of your pet as well as the safety of your home. Why? Because they’re not motivated by money to do so.
Do I need to pay anything to post an AD?
Absolutely not. Posting an ad to find your pet and home minder is 100% free.
Do I need to pay my chosen pet and home minder?
Commonly pet and home minders take care of your pet in exchange for a rent-free stay in your house, and no payments are made to the pet and home minder. Although there are certain occasions when the homeowners themselves offer some money to the minder if they have lots of pets that needed looking after, of if the minder needed to do extra work like taking the pets to the vet, and other extra tasks that the homeowner and minder agree on.
Does the pet and home minder pay rent?
The majority of pet and home minding cases are simple, straightforward swaps. The pet and home minder cares for your pet and looks after your home in exchange for rent-free accommodation. Keep in mind that pet and home minding details can be discussed by both parties prior to confirming the pet and home minding appointment.
What about utility payments?
Again, every pet and home minding appointment is unique and all details are negotiable between you and your chosen minder. Most of the time, homeowners are perfectly happy to cover utility costs in exchange for the minder caring for their pets and home. As every pet and home minding appointment is different, we encourage every homeowner to be very clear and open with the minder on all aspects of the agreement to avoid confusion.
How does Aussie Pet And Home Minders Work?
Pet and home minders sign up as members of our website where they can create their profile which homeowners can then review. Homeowners on the other hand can get in touch with minders they are interested in via our website’s secure messaging system to see if they are available on your chosen dates.
Registered and verified pet and home minders can also contact homeowners that have advertised on our website via our secure messaging system.
How do I find a pet and home minder using your website?
It’s very simple. You can create a free ad in our website and our registered and verified minders will get in touch with you. You can also use our website’s search tool to look for available pet and home minders in your area.
Are testimonials really important?
Absolutely, and we do encourage both homeowners and minders to share testimonials about their pet and home minding experiences.
Testimonials from a previous pet and home minding appointment helps build the minders’ credibility and boost their membership profiles. This is also a great way to show your appreciation for the positive experiences they provided. Minders on the other hand also post testimonials thanking the homeowners for their hospitality and for the trust they’ve been given.