First Timers’ Guide To Getting House Sitting Jobs

Being a house sitter helps a lot in saving money while travelling around Australia. As a house sitter you take care of pets and a house while the owners are on a holiday. In short, you get to stay in a house rent-free. If you’ve been travelling around Australia for some time you know how hotel rates can get pricey, especially during holiday season. House sitting is a great way not only to save a great deal on accommodation, but also to have a more meaningful travel experience.

So what do first time house sitters need to land house sitting jobs? We’ve listed a few things here that might help.


Create a house sitter account

The first step to sign up as a member in a house sitting website. Sign up process is free and will only take a few minutes to complete. You will be asked to provide an email address to log in to your account and many websites will require a mobile phone number for account verification. After you have created a house sitter account, the real work begins. Because the key to landing good house sitting jobs – especially for first timers – is to have a great profile.


Highlight house sitting related experiences

The most common mistake among first time house sitters when working on their house sitter profile is they are merely filling up online forms, save the information and that’s it. They publish their house sitter profile and wait for responses.

Treat your house sitter profile as your resume. It’s the first thing that home owners look at and you need to impress them if you want to land your first house sitting job. Highlight instances that is related to the job you are applying for:

  • If you’ve never house sat before, reference good reviews posted about you in bed and breakfasts you’ve stayed during your previous travels. Or if you’ve used Airbnb and have a profile there and have good reviews as a guest, reference that in your profile. The key here is to SHOW the home owners that you are a responsible, respectful house guest.


Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash
  • Understand that pet owners are very, very protective of their fur babies. They do not need someone who would just keep their pets alive while they’re away – they need someone who actually cares for and loves animals. So, if you have photos of times you spent with your own pet, and even friends’ or relatives’ pets – post that in your profile with a description of the things you did while caring for those animals. If you grew up with a dog, mention that in your profile, too. Reference instances that you have cared for family pets or someone else’s even if you just did it as a favour at the time.


Transparency is always best

Put yourself in the home owners’ shoes. Would you entrust your home and pets to someone who is dodging questions or someone whose personality you didn’t get a glimpse of? As a first time house sitter, you need to understand that competition for house sitting jobs in Australia can be tough. And home owners choose the house sitter whose personality they liked, regardless if they’ve never house sat before.

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

So when creating your profile, be sure to show your personality in how you tell your travel experiences. Write about how you decided to try house sitting and why are you passionate about travel and caring for animals. If you have a Skype account, it’s a great idea to ask home owners if they’d be okay for a video call so you can “meet” and talk. This way the homeowners and you can decide whether you’re a great match.


So there you have it. The basics of getting your first house sitting job. Set up your house sitter profile and tell us about your house sitting journey in the comments!