Finding A House Sitter: How To Do It

Having a house sitter to care for your pets and look after your home while you’re on holiday is the smartest solution to the issue of leaving your property, as well as avoiding the expense and hassles of pet boarding. But how exactly do you find the right house sitter? Here are some tips.

Post an Ad in a Good House Sitting Site

The first step is to go to a house sitting website and register as a home owner. This allows you to view house sitter profiles and get in touch with suitable candidates. Posting house sitting ads is free and the process is easy, simple and just takes a few minutes to complete.

Create a House Sitting Ad

The key to successfully finding the perfect house sitter is to provide as much information about the house sitting job and post photos of your pets or home.  A vague, short house sitting ad means you have to go through a lot of applications which you may find unsuitable and well – you waste time doing this.  The more information you provide –  what type of pets you have; what care your pets need; how big is the yard and would you require yard work; if you prefer single or couple house sitters, etc.  – the easier it is for house sitters to decide if they’d respond to your ad. This saves them and you a lot of time.

Have a House Sitter Short List

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You need to set some time going through the first batch of responses from house sitters.  Don’t wait too long to respond to sitters because you’d be swamped with messages which takes a lot of time to go through.  Contact house sitters as soon as possible because the best ones tend to get hired quickly.

Do remember though that house sitters respond to multiple ads since they don’t have guarantee they will get hired for the first job the respond to.

Communicate With Your Potential Sitter

Getting to know your potential house sitter is important. House sitting websites have secure messaging systems that allow  you to “interview” potential sitters quickly and safely.  It’s important that you get a sense of the sitter and determine whether you’d be a great match. Ask for references or endorsements. House sittingweb sites in Australia  allow sitters to upload photos of their previous house sitting jobs,  endorsement letters/documents, police check certificates and anything else that can assure home owners of their house sitting experiences.

When house sitters provide references, make sure that you contact the references right away. Again, sitters do not have any guarantee they’d be chosen for the house sitting job so they send multiple applications.

Few More Things…

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Most house sitting websites advise to start looking for house sitters at least six weeks before you are scheduled to leave.  Any longer than that and your chosen house sitter may need to back out. Understand that even the most committed and professional house sitters encounter circumstances beyond their control. The longer the waiting period between your hiring of the sitter and the actual house sitting date, the more likely something may happen that would force the sitter to back out of the sitting job.