Hi to all my animal loving friends out there. I’m Maz, a retired business woman of many years who, like you, adore my pets.
I was inspired to launch this site after chatting at a weekend BBQ with a good friend of mine that regularly house sits . Not initially understanding how the whole house sitting service works, I was surprised to find out that sitters don’t have to pay for accommodation. I just presumed there would be a fee. Then my friend that was house sitting at the time had to leave the BBQ early to go walk the dog she was caring for. She was very adamant that this pet couldn’t miss out on his regular walk. So this got me thinking that there are truly caring, reliable people out there who house sit and it’s a win win solution for both the home owners knowing their house and pets will be well looked after, and house sitters can save money on accommodation.
I love to travel and in the past found it not easy to leave pets with others as they have their lives, sport and families and the poor pets are neglected, get stressed and don’t like leaving home when I return.
With all this in mind and a little technical help from my children, I decided to build this site to help people better connect with each other and more importantly, spread awareness.
I encourage you to join our new community and tell your friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly I’m more that happy to answer any questions you may have.