Travel Trends

Australians are famous all over the world for their love of adventure and travel.
And we’ve got the numbers from the 2012 International Movements Report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to prove it.

How it works

At Aussie Pet and Home Minders, our goal is to help our members save thousands of dollars both in pet boarding fees and rent. Our highly rated Aussie house sitters care for pets and provide home security for rent-free accommodations.
We are committed to providing safe,  easy service partnered with reliable and friendly customer support.

Find a Sitter

  • Find highly rated house sitters who will sit for FREE
  • Pets stay happy at home, in their own beds
  • Enjoy peace of mind and save money in pet boarding costs
  • Pet and house sitters undergo verification process

Find a Home to Mind

  • Stay in safe, comfy homes for FREE in return for caring for pets
  • Enjoy local sights and experiences
  • Industry leading identity verifications included

Paws For A Minute

Pet care tips, house sitting advice, travel ideas and your weekly dose of pet lovers’ good vibes.  So paws for a minute (or more) and welcome to our blog.  🙂

House Sitting In The Press

Pet and house sitting has become more than just a trend among Aussie travellers.  Check out press releases, news and videos about fantastic pet and house sitters